Cuisinart DGB-600 10-Cup Coffee Maker

I have been kicking myself for years to break down and write a review for this well appreciated coffee maker. Is it the best coffee maker in the world? Is it the most reliable? Well I seem to think so because this maker has been through several phases of abuse by me, the daily coffee drinker who is in search for the perfect cup of coffee. I received as gift way back as far as I can remember costing the full price of near $200! I was attracted to the design of course which I had not seen during the time of purchase.

Style and Design: What can I say? The build quality is top notch. I have seen other folks with the same coffee maker at the work place under extreme conditions and it still looked like new! This is the first product that has come along with a timeless design, every time I am out at a store I look for a better coffee maker, I even look in the Sunday sales papers for something with a better design and I can’t find any. Another point I want to make is if this coffee maker were to break down, instead of looking for a replacement I would look for repair parts first! If I could not find parts I would purchase the exact same model instead of taking a chance on another make or model. I found a good thing why try something else, is how I feel about this coffee maker.

Performance and Features: One of the reasons I bought this coffee maker was because it had a built in blade grinder which is only good for novice coffee drinkers or emergency use only. The built in grinder has no controls for grind settings or the grind control. The grinder is inferior compared to a burr grinder but can be used as an emergency back-up to a suitable burr grinder. The DGB-600 makes coffee quickly. I haven’t had any overspill problems or filter basket malfunctions(clogs) I have seen with other coffee makers. There is a built in clock and can be set up the night before to make coffee in the morning. Over all I find the Cuisinart easy to use.

Reliability & Everyday Use: Every day I make coffee and sometimes twice a day. After years of tweaking with different coffees, grinders, waters, and filters I have mastered making good coffee that meets my specifications. I usually brag to my family and friends that my coffee is the best that they have ever had, and after a cup, they tend to agree. It is all due to the consistency of the coffee maker which is the most dependable and trouble free units I have ever had. Other models in my opinion don’t seem to match up. I will continue to proudly use this coffee maker until I stop drinking coffee.


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