Understanding Obama

This election year is the most watched, most reported, and the most decisive ever in the history of US politics. As a human being (race unimportant however I am a little conservative) the video that is being shown and played on conservative media outlets do not bother me. I have been to similar churches in those types of communities and have heard similar rhetoric. A lot of times it is a speaker who is trying to get a black crowd excited, especially before passing the offering plate around (for the cause). Using this rhetoric is dismissed as the next subject is introduced into the sermon. As far as influence, these anti-American statements are generally not influential; however I can definitely understand them.
When I look at my bible (King James Version) and I use to always wonder why the map of the holy land is labeled Palestine. My bible is pretty new and I thought that it must be outdated but why is this? Another thing is if I were born in the land of the biblical Palestine then I can be called a Palestinian. After World War 2 the United Nations designed this land Israel as per the prophecies of the bible and the US was the first nation to identify Israel as a sovereign nation. Just by mentioning these facts some may say that I am anti-Semitic but please look into the history of this.
Black people in America: Why would a black person born in America say such anti-American things? If you want to understand then please rent and watch the made for TV movie Roots based on a book by Alex Haley. This movie ran on national public (free) TV during the 1970’s. When watching this movie with other African Americans, I notice an unpleasant situation when it comes to being patriotic and a proud American. If a person in the majority community would watch Roots as an adult they can better understand the pain that black people feel. A lot of people in the majority will argue that I never owned slaves or my relatives never owned slaves and this does not affect me. You must examine the thoughts of our forefathers (wealthy Americans) who framed the constitution of this country and their attitudes towards slavery. Many of them were wealthy slave owners and considered African Americans as property and counted only as a 2/3 human on the American census! Yes George Washington was a slave owner along with Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. If African American pastors get in the pulpit and shout these un-American “historicals” he is attacked by true patriots like the forefathers of our country. Please correct if I am wrong!!!
The sad thing about this is that persons in the majority consider this a disqualification for Obama to be president because of what his pastor has said while he may have or may not have heard or been in the congregation while these statements are shouted from the pulpit. I can understand why after the “macaca” incident. I know there are other statements the pastor said that I did not address but I argue that some in the African American community would casually believe his statements as truth after the story about CIA contra financing (introduction of crack in LA), the use of bombs during war and a attitude of what goes around comes around. (not mine of course!!!). AIDS being a man made disease could be totally false but many preachers tie that into the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. (Tuskegee is a National Black College) along with the CIA’s documented use of LSD as weapon in the 1940’s. LSD is a man made drug?
One last very interesting thing I have to mention. If you watch closely at the critics on conservative shows (radio and TV) they do not call them entirely false statements, just un-American and unpatriotic, I hope all of you are wise enough to see what sells a story and cause radio and TV show ratings to explode with paid advertising! And for the record, my views are more aligned with John McCain but I do not see myself voting for him!


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