Samsung’s LN-T4061F is the “best bang” for anti-Sony folks!

I never thought the day would come where I would have to replace my old Sony 32in WEGA but after much conceding and procrastination it was time for a new television. I set out to the big box electronics store with all of their sales persons who are constantly trying to sell you things you don’t need, especially if you are a techie like me. Before venturing out to get a new TV, it is wise to make a list of what it most important to you. Mine were:

  • Size: 40in so that it could fit in our country style home entertainment cabinet with hideaway doors.
  • Picture quality: This would be first but if it doesn’t fit in my cabinet then I’m screwed
  • Usability
  • Remote: yeah I know, but I have seen some horrible remotes and this is on my important list from now on!

Staring at a wall of flat panels can be daunting and intimidating. Stick to your guns, ignore the salesperson for now and study the picture quality of the panels. What I look for is good contrast and color accuracy. In these large stores they always have a very high quality input signal but you will be able to discern the best picture quality for the size you are looking for. For me, the Sony and the Samsung were almost identical but best in my opinion. This review is not about plasma vs. LCD but I went with the LCD and I do not want to get into reasons why.

So I am stuck between the Sony Bravia line and the Samsung. Stylish wise the Sony Bravias are more attractive but you pay a premium for that. In one sense I am leaning towards the Sony because of the more stylish exterior panel and the remote was so much better. Then I saw this unit. Right up my ally and it very easy on the eyes to look at. The price was a couple hundred less than the Sony, now this is where you could use the services of a good sales person.

After playing around with both units, it seemed like the Samsung was the better buy plus it came with loads of bells and whistles:

  • 3 HDMI hookups
  • PC hookup
  • USB 2 interface
  • HI DEF component hookups

Legacy component hookups This is just a list of important ones and with a 1080i resolution I was signed up with my cable company for high def in no time. Installing the set is not to difficult for techies but non-techies will need some help and a lot of patience. This was my first HD experience so I ensured I had all of my HDMI cables, HD cable box from my provider and I was in business for a HD experience.

One disappointment with the set was the inability to adjust the height. It swivels but the height is not adjustable.

Turn on experience: I was amazed and astonished at the picture quality of this unit. After a little preferential tweaking of the color and contrast, I had beautiful motion images on my set. The high resolution will have you desiring that all channels were HI DEF. Watching non-HD channels will look inferior as now your input source can be a discernable issue if had a lower resolution set. Also you will have to decide if you want to view 16:9 wide-screen stretch, 4:3 aspect ratio; 16:9 aspect ratio; and then the broadcast is not always the same aspect ratio as you have your panel set on. This will cause a small native picture 4:3 aspect, and some with black bars on the side of the picture. Then commercials will transmit in different ratios too, very annoying and will have you wondering why I have to look at different aspect ratios from the provider of that content. I could never get use to this but as content providers upgrade their equipment we will all have 16:9 aspect ratio hopefully.

I have very mixed feelings about the remote. It is large and triangular shaped. It is not easy to hold and does not compare to the Sony remote. Maybe I should buy a better remote and that is my next review, the Logitech 550 model.

Overall I would highly recommend this LCD TV. Mostly for it’s picture quality and advanced features. It would be the perfect LCD if the height was adjustable and the price makes this a good bang for the buck. The exterior cabinet of this model is very attractive and nice to look at.




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