Pilot Dr. Grip vs Zebra Writing Instruments

Yeah I know the title can be a little mundane but hey, in my field I use writing instruments every day. A writing instrument is just a fancy way of saying pen or pencil but this instrument can be extremely powerful. Check out   the Declaration of Independence for example. In DC this document is on display for tourist to see. Prominently you see the words and signatures of the founding fathers of the U.S. I would also think about the writing instrument used to display the words, the feeling behind the document.

Now let fast forward to a couple of writing instruments I have been using lately, Pilot Dr. Grip and the cheapo Zebra.

The Bad: I’ve used the Pilot Dr Grip extensively and have been unsatisfied with the results. The Pilot Dr. Grip is impressive to look at and feels great, however if you are a demanding user you will not like this writing instrument. The problem is with reliability. Under certain circumstances it will not write at all. I have noticed when writing on hard surfaces, it tends to fade out which leaves me frustrated. I really wanted to like this pen, but it boils down to one thing when it is time to use it, just write on the paper please. So I don’t recommend this pen and the manufacturers should work to improve its performance.

The Good: Aww the Zebra model F-301, can be found in great numbers at discount stores. The little pen feels well balanced; the grip is smooth and does not dominate. The design is simple but I don’t care for the fine flow rate too much. I highly recommend purchasing the Zebra.



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