Pike Place Roast by Starbucks

Usually I make my own coffee. Why, because of my personally distorted claim “the world’s greatest coffee” made by me. I think I know a thing or two about making that perfect cup. I use a very good burr grinder; I use good beans from a decent supplier. Also  I use a popular coffee machine when compared to other coffee makers, it consistently performs better than coffee makers I have used in the past. This morning I wanted to go to Starbucks for some reason, I don’t know why. I just wanted to go. Usually I feel this way when I want to see where I stand in my distorted claim, “the best coffee in the world!”

Pike Place is a new signature roast that Star Bucks claim to “bring the masses back” and I think they are on the right track. It is a surprisingly smooth, medium roast. I like my coffee bold, bright, strong, and on the biter side. Of note, when I make my own coffee I drink it black because it is that good, honestly. When I went to Starbucks I ordered a venti with cream and  two sugars, in the drive through of course. This coffee is very smooth and I drink it fast, instead of sipping it. It is that good. Still the coffee did taste a little burnt which is the biggest complaint about Star Bucks but it was still good. I could discern that they probable use less strength when brewing and then as it sit for a while it stiffens up to a mello flavor which is just my observation. One day I just might purchase a bag of Pike Place to evaluate.


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