A Presidential Palace Near Disney?

A resort called the Gaylord Palms anchored my recent visit to Disney World; initially I was skeptical after talking with friends who told me about all the horror stories of hotels located in the Kissimmee area near Disney. We accidentally found this new resort after getting a sweet deal as part of a Delta flight package, the price we paid was too good to pass up on a 5-star resort so we went for it, as unpredictable as it seemed. When we arrived, I could not believe that we had reservations here!!! It looks like a isolated modern castle, towering high above from the interstate. When I walked in to find the front desk, the backdrop had stunning views… A hug colossal atrium with waterfalls everywhere!! Check-in was pleasant and a breeze, we had a room on the 9th floor! The building can be compared to the size of a slightly smaller Pentagon in Washington. There are numerous water themes in the atrium along with a few caves, and other “exploration-type” themes. You can walk around to one of the numerous fine dining restaurants and they are secluded with caves, flowered paths, ponds, and waterfalls. There is a wedding Gazebo in the center.

Our room was splendidly decorated, with the finest of quality furnishings. Free high speed Internet and business quality desk is available. Hook up to the hotel’s LAN wasn’t too challenging. The most attractive feature of the room is the patio that opens to the atrium; you have a stunning view of the whole interior complex. And there is soothing music; sort of hypnotic that instantly relaxes you. You can sit on the 2-chair patio and enjoy the light activity of other guest or you may find yourself exploring all the other amenities like the Les Petite childcare center, Canyon Ranch Spa, state of the art gym, arcade or just explore around the atrium. It will blow your mind.

If you’ve read a lot of my reviews, rarely have I praised anything, I have never given a five star to anything because I am an extreme stickler. However, PERFECTION IS NEARLY ACHIEVED AT THIS RESORT! I wish it were more affordable. As I report on the negative, I would have to say that this is the most expensive place ever!! I am no cheap skate, I don’t mind paying a premium price for a product but this place is so expensive, it becomes insulting to purchase a 15-dollar hamburger! At one place I had a specialty sandwich called the “Hot-Cuban” and it was terrible, very conservative with portions. My recommendation is to find the business area that is less than a few miles away; you will find good food there at an affordable price. Also I would like to see another table in the room beside the executive workstation. My family had difficulty eating food we bought in from local restaurants because of the lack of surface space to eat. Perhaps this was intended to discourage people from bringing in their own food, maybe they want us to eat at the fine dining restaurants with the terrible food and exuberant prices.

Well I have to say that it was a pleasant experience at the Gaylord Palms. VISUALLY, it has to be the finest, biggest and nicest place in close proximity to Disney to stay. I have not been to the Disney resorts but it’s clear to say that high-end travelers that are at the Floridian, Contemporary, and Polynesian will feel left out.

Bottom-line, if your desire to stay in a Presidential Palace consider the Gaylord Palms Resort near Disney!


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